9 Ways Your Company Benefits From Using a Shipping Service

Companies that ship a lot of products to a variety of different places need to decide whether to keep and maintain their own fleet of trucks or hire a service to provide the shipping for them. There are certainly benefits to keeping this service in-house, but they are far outnumbered by the many benefits of outsourcing to a fleet service. 

Have More Space

Delivery trucks take up a lot of room for parking and storage as well as for their maintenance. All of that commercial space dedicated to trucks and vans could be better used to expand inventory storage or to enlarge the manufacturing facility. Eliminating the trucks allows the business to use all of their property for what actually brings in profit. 

Eliminate Shipping Limits

Fleet services have numerous trucks available and many are on the road 24 hours a day. Operating a business with only a few company trucks will have to limit the number of items can be shipped each day. This could cut profits and upset impatient customers. It could also increase the potential for mistakes in the shipping department due to the backlog.

 Save on Expenses

There is a lengthy list of ways companies save money when they outsource their shipping. There are no driver salaries, vehicle payments, vehicle insurance or repairs and maintenance to worry about. Licenses and permits are no longer necessary. Garage and storage facilities are not needed and office staff is free from tracking deliveries. 

Forget the Worries

Unpredictable weather, traffic delays and other uncontrollable trucking issues can be forgotten when you use an external shipping service. Once the shipping service picks up the items they will take over all the worry and management of the shipments. This also includes eliminating the concern of staying updated on any changes to state and federal shipping laws. 

Focus on Business

A company selling or manufacturing a product is one that specializes in doing those tasks. By freeing themselves of the burden of logistics they can again focus their time and energy on doing the work they do best. They also free up their budget to employ more people to work in quality control, customer relations and product development. 

Have Better Technology

High-quality fleet services employ the latest technologies in the industry to control their processes more effectively. The company using their services is able to benefit from all of these innovative means without having to research and purchase the technology for themselves. 

Increased Shipping Efficiency

Trucking companies focus solely on their own services and how to provide them in the most efficient manner possible. They study maps relentlessly to determine the shortest and fastest routes for every shipment. In addition, they also have their pickup and delivery services organized to reduce any delays during this part of the service as well. 

Avoid Shipping Delays

Clients always want their orders as soon as possible. Shipments of any size are acceptable without added expense when using a fleet service. When operating a personal fleet it could require small orders to be put on hold until additional products are ready for delivery. This could upset loyal customers or force the business to waste money on small shipments. 

Make Budgeting Easier

It is always necessary to plan for a worst-case scenario, but even the best planning may not be able to account for a large breakdown or an accident. Rising fuel costs, employee expenses and all the other details make it difficult to budget accurately for a shipping department. A logistics company has rate structures in place so everyone knows the delivery cost.

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