Four Winter Safety Driving Tips for Truckers

Truckers face the challenge of meeting deadlines or scheduled deliveries every day when they head out on the road, but adding icy or snowy roads into the mix can complicate the job. Here are a few tips to keep truckers safe on winter roads:
1. Get Your Truck Ready
Be sure your truck is ready to face inclement weather. Check your lights, fluids, tires, wiper blades and anything else that will help ensure your safety. Load up your jumper cables, tire chains or traction mats, a windshield scraper and anything else needed for your specific vehicle.
2. Be Ready to Get Off the Road
You may have some tight deadlines to meet, but be ready to get off the road if safety is at risk. Listen to the weather report and plan accordingly, if possible.
3. Take it Slow
When the roads are bad, take it slow to allow yourself more time to make decisions in case of sliding. Always keep a safe distance from other vehicles.
4. Be Careful with Brakes
Proper use of brakes can keep truckers safe in bad weather. If you have an Antilock Braking System (ABS), push down on the brake and hold it as far down as possible if you start sliding. If you don’t have ABS, try lightly pumping your brakes to avoid locking tires and losing control of your truck.
When travelling on winter roads, use good judgment and the knowledge gained through experience to stay safe. Contact Cook Logistics LLC for more driving tips.