The Benefits of Using RGN Trailers

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In the world of heavy equipment hauling, the tools you use can make or break your business. Removable gooseneck, or RGN, trailers may be beneficial for any heavy equipment hauler to add to their fleet due to the advantages they offer over other types of trailers. Consider the following when you contemplate whether or not this trailer is right for your needs.

Specialized Services

RGN trailers are designed to allow more equipment onto each load. The trailer is created with a well that drops down, holding equipment lower to the ground. This means that those hauling equipment with these trailers can haul bigger equipment without having to deal with height permits or other constraints. This saves time and money. It also allows a trucking company that has RGN trailers to specialize in moving the bigger equipment that other companies may not be able to handle as easily.

Easier Loading and Unloading

Another benefit of removable gooseneck trailers is the design of the trailer itself. The front of the trailer is detachable, which is how the trailer gets its name. When this gooseneck is removed, you can simply drive a large piece of equipment directly onto the trailer. This eliminates the need for other large machinery to help load and unload the trailer, and may make a great difference to the bottom line of each haul. For assistance shipping heavy equipment or goods, contact the trucking experts at Cook Logistics LLC.