Insured Trucking Company in Delavan for All of Your Shipping Needs


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It makes sense that you would insure those things that are valuable to you, so when hiring a trucking company, shouldn't you choose one with a great insurance policy? At Cook Logistics LLC, based in Delavan, we believe that premium coverage is the only way to truly protect our customers' cargo. Our experienced drivers have seen a lot while on the job, and they have learned that a fantastic insurance policy is the best way to keep our cargo safe. An insured trucking company is one that understands the risks inherent in the transportation industry. While offering you quality benefits, such as same-day service, our business focuses on reducing risks with comprehensive coverage and full service.

Making Sure Your Cargo is Protected Anywhere in the US

We want you to feel confident that your cargo is safe. To that end, we equip all of our trucks with cell phones. If you have questions, we'll be able to contact our drivers no matter where they are while serving all of the U.S. Knowing that we have a million-dollar insurance policy, you can be confident that your valuable goods are well protected and that we are also motivated to protect that cargo. When the situation requires, we can accommodate the need for additional coverage.

Our Million-Dollar Cargo Insurance Ensures Your Goods Are in the Right Hands

At Cook Logistics LLC in Delavan, we understand that the best way to protect our cargo is with the right coverage. When you have valuable items to be shipped anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, choose the company that is invested in protecting your goods. Contact us at 800-230-1636 to learn more about our services. Ask us about the advantages of shipping with team truck drivers.